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Many thanks to the two very talented ladies that hosted the workshop: The Retreat: Styled Shoots for Photographers. I learned more about posing, lighting, the whole shebang, and had a great time adding more skills to my toolbelt. Here's some of my favorite photographs from the family session--contact me to book your own session this summer or fall!



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Mommy and Me Mini Session 2020 https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2020/2/mommy-and-me-mini-session-2020 I have two little boys who are growing up WAY too fast and who I don't have nearly enough photographs of....I should be more specific.  I don't have nearly enough photographs with ME in the photos with THEM.  Moms are the family's natural visual storytellers.  We take all of the photos, organize the photo albums or books, remember to get prints made of our favorite photographs of the kids and their most recent adventures to put up on the wall or fridge, but so often we are left out of those photographs.  Well, I say, with hands on hips, head held high, and with a ton of conviction, "NO MORE!" :)  It is time for moms to get in those photographs with our little ones.  Don't wait to find the perfect dress, to lose those pounds, to find a more convenient time. Your kids won't/don't care about any of that!  When their our age, all they'll want to have is a photograph of them with their gorgeous mama, cuddling and loving on them.  Pinky promise. 

One of the things I love most to photograph are mamas and their littles together, smiling, cuddling, making memories that they'll all miss in 10, 20 years time.  So it's not surprise that, as Mother's Day approaches, I get so excited about doing my annual Mommy and Me sessions.  Every year, I feel like my style changes and grows, and I love using what I've learned over the past year to make these sessions better and better, and this year is no exception.  This past weekend, I was able to get my gorgeously sweet and amazing friend, Sam, and her two littles to come out and model for me, so I could show you all this year's (indoor) set up, and I am so thrilled with the memories and mood we were able to capture.  

This year's Mommy and Me sessions will happen both inside and outside, so moms (or dads/significant others who want to purchase a really awesome gift for said mom for Mother's Day!) have choices.  The outdoor sessions will still include this gorgeous chair and will be some place close by, but I have to wait until spring arrives before I can pick the perfect spot.  The session is boho themed with lots of neutrals and greenery and it makes for such a lovely and cozy vibe.  I love it, and I hope you do to!  Contact me at [email protected] or you can contact me on facebook at www.facebook.com/tstaggphotography to book your session today! (Only 10 spots are available so book asap!)  See Sam's session below!


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How to prep for a mini (or any) photo session with me! https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2018/9/how-to-prep-for-a-mini-or-any-photo-session-with-me

Hello, lovely mama

I wanted to make sure to get you this checklist to help you prepare for your upcoming mini session with me.  Whether you're coming to me for some simple, cozy fall session or a my festive holiday minis, this checklist is sure to apply to you and your family and help you loads in the planning process.  If you have any questions at all after reading it, don't hesitate to email me ([email protected]) or pick up the phone and give me a holler.  I love talking to ya'all and am happy to help. :)  


Plan Your Outfits

I have an awesome new outfit styling guide that I'm offering all of my mamas' and their families!  It's super easy to use and has been a lifesaver in keeping mamas' sane (or so I've heard :) )  (Contact me for info once you've booked a session!)  If you don't want to bother with the website, my suggestions are always to stay with either neutral colors (beige or gray (no white or black) or those nice rich darker colors (e.g. mustard yellows, maroons, evergreen, navy blues,etc.  Stay away from anything to bright or jarring.) .  Here's a pinterest board I've put together to help: https://www.pinterest.com/wunderw373/family-photo-shoot-outfit-ideas/ . If you need some help or a second set of eyes--just message me your outfit ideas, and I'll give you my honest (but gentle and kind :) ) opinion. :) 


Get Plenty of Rest

Make sure that you all get enough rest--go to bed the night before and make sure the kiddos take naps (if applicable).  Restful parents and kiddos makes happy parents and kiddos! 


Make Sure to Eat

Have a meal or snack before your session, if you can, especially the kiddos and Dads! :)  We don't want any one getting "hangry" on us during the session.  And if you're one to bribe your kiddo to cooperate (I always carry a treat for just such an occasion for my own boys), just make sure that it's not chocolate or something that will make them sticky or stain their face or hands. Great ideas are fruit snacks, licorice, or animal crackers. :) 



Arrive Early

Arrive 10 minutes early to help anticipate any last minute bumps that might arise.  Mini sessions are scheduled back to back, and any time that you're late will impact that time that you have for your session.



Get Ready to Have Fun!

All of my sessions are focused on you, your family and you all having a great time together.  Expect to cuddle, laugh, and love on each other.  Give your kiddos (if they're old enough) and your partners a heads up about my style (no looking at the camera!) and what to expect when they arrive (lots of fun and cuddles).  Prepping them on what to expect, I think, alleviates some of the butterflies families have when they are meeting a new come from the unknown, so lets kick it in the butt before they get there! :)   Most importantly, don't stress---if you stress, your loved ones will feel it and, trust me, mama stress is contagious. You are going to have an amazing time while I capture some amazing photographs of you and your family, and give you an awesome experience!  


Warmest Regards,


Owner/Lead Photographer

T-Stagg Photographer




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Mommy and Me Mini Session--Sam https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2018/3/mommy-and-me-mini-session--sam Every year I do some wonderful Mommy and Me mini sessions right before Mother's Day, and they are always one of the highlights of my year.  Taking photographs of mamas (who, let's be serious, don't get in front of the camera with their littles nearly enough) cuddling their children and kiddos loving them right back is an amazing thing to capture.  But this year, I wanted it to mean even more--for me and for the families taking part in the mini sessions, so I am offering a double-whammy.  When a person purchases a Mommy and Me mini session for themselves or someone they love, they are also gifting a FREE Mommy and Me session to a mom and children residing at Courage Connections. 

Courage Connections is an amazing organization that  provides housing and supportive services to individuals and families who are victims of domestic violence (You can visit them at www.courageconnection.org.) 

The set up is simple...just a cozy bed, all white linens, simple, clean.  That's the first 10 minutes.  The second half of your session will be cuddling up on a cozy couch with your kiddos and letting me capture some giggles and sweet kisses.  It's the perfect ode to mommyhood, and if YOU don't want this kind of session, consider gifting it to a mommy that needs it!  It'd be a wonderful gift to say thank you (ahem, gentlemen), or to celebrate a mom you know.

Below is a Mommy and Me session I did with my gorgeous and super talented photographer friend, Sam.  I love everything about this shoot and it was so much fun to capture the love between these three. If you like what you see, consider booking a Mommy and Me session with me today! (www.tstaggphotography.com/contact) And don't forget that for every session your purchase your gifting one to a mom and her children at Courage Connection. <3


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Natural Beauty--A Nature Beauty Session with Karman https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2018/1/natural-beauty--a-nature-beauty-session-with-karman Last summer I had the joy of putting together a shoot that I had been dreaming up for a long time--a shoot, simple in its implementation (The less stuff I have to carry, the better!) but with a lot of bang--and it had to be outside in water.  I love being outside and summer provides some of the most beautiful, lush green backdrops.  Next I had to find a model--it was just by luck that I saw Karman's profile pic on Facebook, and I was hooked by her look.  There was this kind of contrast--she was so sweet and kind, but she had this lovely edge that I thought would be perfect for what I was going for.  I asked her to model, and thankfully she agreed and was so super excited.  I loved her energy and knew we would have an amazing time.  We looked for a few dresses that had different feels (edgy, natural, etc.) that would work with our woodsy backdrop.  Because I knew I had to have her in water, it was a bit stressful that the week before we were going through a drought (Thank you weird Illinois weather.), and by chance during another earlier session that week I found a small river that hadn't dried completely up and it was perfect! It was then that we went to work--we delt with rain, bugs, and some questionable water, but Karman was perfection, doing just as I asked and showing her fierceness.  It was an amazing experience and one I hope to do several more times this year, so keep your eyes peeled!  

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Sarah Hill--RESET Shoot out https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2017/3/sarah-hill--reset-shoot-out Education for a photographer is never-ending, and I am so grateful for that.  We are constantly pushed as people,  artists and business owners to improve, to recreate ourselves and grow, and this past weekend we got to reset at the annual RESET Conference--a conference for photographers and videographers to meet, love on each other's work, meet new friends and colleagues and grow both artistically and professionally.  I was lucky enough at this conference to be able to participate in a "shootout" with one of my very favorite photographers, Sarah Beth Hill.  Her work is always filled with such warmth, light and love and is so inspiring and influential to my own work.  At the shootout, we were given the opportunity to follow Sarah around as she worked with an amazing (and, golly, were they adorable!) family.  We learned a few of her tricks and were able to watch her charm the family while she posed and captured beautiful early evening light (remember that "golden hour light" I always tell you about? :) ).  Well, it was amazing.  The WHOLE weekend was a great chance to learn, connect with new and old friends, and return home refreshed with ideas on what we could do to improve. Here are my favorites from the shootout--Enjoy!  And expect to see many of the things I learned implemented in my business with you this year!

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Mimi and Ted--67 years strong https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2016/10/mimi-and-ted--67-years-strong When I first asked Amanda if I could create photographs, a photo story of sorts, with her grandparents, I imagine Mimi and Ted, when they heard about it, thought I was a little strange for wanting to do it.  If I remember correctly, Ted, at one point said, "We don't do much." thinking that I didn't have anything worth photographing.  I wish they could have seen what I saw that day.

Two amazing, sweet, funny people who fell in love 67+ years ago and created a life and family that is worthy of aspiring to.  Kind faces that tell stories about years gone by and treasured, worn and gentle hands holding each other, supporting each other.  Love and laughter in their eyes for their great grandbabies and granddaughter who visited them that day with me. Photographs, awards, memories adorning the walls and tables around the room.  Two well-worn chairs sitting side by side, right next to each other, surely so conversation between these two could happen easily, or so they could enjoy the quiet together (or a good U of I football game :) ). And smiles.  Such easy, open, kind smiles.  I walked away that day feeling so lucky to have been able to capture a wee bit of who these two are and their lives together.  Mimi and Ted--I'm sending you a heartfelt thanks and a hug.  I hope these pictures help us all to see and realize the simplest things can be spectacular.

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Cozy at Home with the Wilson Family https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2016/5/cozy-at-home-with-the-wilson-family      "Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people in situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. The primary goal is to tell stories about people's life or to inspire people in different times."  When I first thought about offering lifestyle photo shoots to current and potential clients, I immediately thought of Kristy and her beautiful family.  I've been lucky enough to know Kristy and Gerald for a couple of years now, and even got to cuddle and photograph their youngest, Enzi, during a newborn photo shoot.  A kinder, sweeter family you won't find.  

     When I showed up at their home, mid-morning one weekend, their little girl, Charley answered the door and started chit chattin' with me.  I knew right then we were going to have a great time.  We had planned on doing something very laid back for this shoot--after all, lifestyle shoots is supposed to capture the everyday!  So, we played in the living room for a bit.  Enzi and Charley love the indoor tunnels mom and dad have for them.  Then we hopped on downstairs to play with some toys--Enzi and dad played with some trains and Charley dressed up in her cowgirl hat and played yee-haw on her horse.

     They had a family cuddle on mom and dad's bed--giggles galore, let me tell ya!  After all that horseplay, it was time for a bath, and what fun is a bath without bubbles?!  All-in-all we captured some amazing moments in the short time I was able to spend with the Wilsons, moment's I hope they treasure forever through these photos.  Thanks so much, Kristy, Gerald, Charley, and Enzi for letting me have a peek into your lives together--it certainly is filled with love and laughter. 


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A Spring Break in the Smokies https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2016/4/a-spring-break-in-the-smokies Each Spring Break my husband and I look to take our boys on an adventure.  It's usually close to home because their still pretty young, but we went a little further away from home this time and had an amazing time in the Smokey Mountains.  The scenery was amazing, the adventures plenty, a it was a wonderful way to unplug and focus on each other and just having a good time as a family.  I can't praise the area and it's natural beauty enough, and, as a photographer, I had a field day capturing our trip.  Here's some of my favorites from our trip and the wonderful memories we made!

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Louise--103 years young https://www.tstaggphotography.com/blog/2016/1/louise--103-years-young ‚ÄčI first learned about Louise through Facebook, and knew that, given the chance, I HAD to photograph her. A friend of mine from school, Staci, always talked about her 103-year old grandmother, Louise, with such reverence and love--not hard to see why when I found out what a spitfire she was and that 103 years had certainly not put a dent in her energy or love of life, her family and her friends. In between shots Louise shared little tidbits about her life with me--she had won an award for one of the oldest working people in Illinois a couple of years back, had worked in a sewing factory for 60+ years (and each year still meets up with the some of the ladies she used to work with) and every two months or so drives from Oklahoma to Illinois to visit her family and friends.

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